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Main page - News - Get in the Christmas Spirit with 22Bet! Take Part in 22Bet Christmas Lottery
Get in the Christmas Spirit with 22Bet! Take Part in 22Bet Christmas Lottery

Get in the Christmas Spirit with 22Bet! Take Part in 22Bet Christmas Lottery

Celebrate the holiday season with 22Bet Christmas Lottery. 2,000 players will be crowned as winners and will take a share of the 55,000 prize pool. On top of that, one lucky winner will take home a brand new Mercedes-Benz CLS sedan!

Don’t miss out and participate in the 22Bet Lottery! After all, someone has to win!

Mercedes-Benz CLS and prize fund of 22Bet Christmas Lottery

Win Mercedes-Benz CLS or from 55,000 EUR prize fund.

How do I take part in the lottery?

Participating in 22Bet’s Christmas Lottery is quick, easy, and simple.  

All you have to do is log in to your 22Bet account and make a deposit of at least EUR. If you do not have a 22Bet account, you will have to register one.

For every deposit you make, you will receive a certain amount of Christmas Lottery tickets. 

A prize draw will be held at the end of the event. The winners will be announced immediately afterward.

How many tickets will I get for my deposit?

As we mentioned above, the amount of tickets you receive depends on the size of your deposit. Here is a full list of how many raffle tickets you will receive for each deposit size:

  • 10 EUR = 1 ticket
  • 20 EUR = 3 tickets
  • 50 EUR = 10 tickets
  • 100 EUR = 20 tickets
  • 200 EUR = 60 tickets
  • 300 EUR = 90 tickets
  • 400 EUR = 160 tickets
  • 800 EUR = 350 tickets
  • 1400 EUR = 600 tickets
  • 1700 EUR = 1,000 tickets

Choose the amount you deposit carefully. The more tickets you receive, the bigger your chance to win one of the prizes will be. 

At the minimum deposit level, you get 1 ticket per 10 EUR. At the maximum deposit level, you get 1 ticket for every 1.7 EUR.

Please note that depositing above 1,700 EUR will not grant you any extra tickets. 

What deposit amount will bring the most profit in the 22Bet Lottery.

A thousand is the maximum number of tickets you could get in the raffle.

Players from which countries can participate in the promo?

The Christmas Lottery promotion is available to players in several countries. These are 22Bet Canada, Germany (22Bet Deutschland), Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda.

The rules of the raffle are the same for all regions.

So do you think that the Goddess of Fortune is on your side? There’s only one way for you to find out. Good luck and have fun

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