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What Is Live Betting: The Main Benefits of In-Play Betting and Strategies in 2023

What Is Live Betting: The Main Benefits of In-Play Betting and Strategies in 2023

With the steady increase of online gambling opportunities, players quickly subscribed to the best online casinos to engage in their gambling sessions. Besides the alluring slot, poker, roulette, and live-dealer games, online casinos also provide online bookmakers or sports betting live options. Popular casinos offer sports betting, including pre-match and live or in-play betting. Sports betting has always been an excellent deal for gamblers, and legitimate online gambling casinos are just making it more accessible to all. Presently numerous people opt for sports betting at these casinos, but the questions remain: What is live betting? How does live betting work? Or, Which is better – live betting or pre-match betting?

This article has explained all the advantages and drawbacks of live betting and the tips and strategies gamblers should use to hedge risks and maximise rewards. 

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Pros and Cons of Live Betting

Betting in play is preferable to most sports bettors; however, the betting you choose should depend on yourself. Live sports betting refers to the betting that occurs when the game happens. On the other hand, the betting that occurs before the start of a game is pre-match betting. You need to assess your instincts, your speed of judgement, and their accuracy- all of it comes with experience. So, it is often advised that amateurs begin their gambling adventure with pre-match betting and gradually move on to the more seasoned live betting procedures. 

Let us have a look at the most common pros and cons of in-game live betting:


  • The outcome of a match is always unpredictable; an unexpected injury during the match might affect a top player’s game, and a weak team might play a brilliant game. So, making predictions beforehand is quite an ordeal. Live betting allows you to control losses by considering present factors that might affect gameplay.
  • You can apply your intuition during the time of a match’s gameplay. You need to analyse situations and make calls pertaining to real-time events. For example, during a football match, a referee might call a hard foul on some player, affecting the player’s gameplay. So, trusting your hunch is of the essence to the bet you place.
  • Live betting offers you better odds than other forms of sports betting. For example, if your instinct says the losing team might play a heroic match and win, you must trust your gut and bet on it. If you win the bet, you will win huge rewards. 
  • Live sports betting has an added level of fun and thrill. As you need to stream the live match and make spot decisions, the adrenaline rush will keep you satiated at all points during the game. 
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  • In-play betting calls for gamblers’ ability to make quick decisions and accuracy. So, if you don’t have the potential to make spontaneous decisions, you might want to consider engaging in live betting.
  • During any match, time is of utter essence. Unless you are at the stadium watching the game, the other sources may be late in broadcasting information, thus causing a coverage delay. In live betting, every second is vital as the odds keep fluctuating constantly. So you need to hold on without being anxious when the sportsbook shows the odds to be blocked; it usually happens when some major change occurs during gameplay.
  • Indulging in in-play betting is a tiresome and lengthy process. In the case of pre-match betting, you may or may not follow the entire match as you have already placed the wager, and you can’t do anything about it. So even watching the match highlights is enough. But for in-play betting, you must follow the match carefully throughout to make assessments of potential wins and losses. 
  • Despite the thrill of watching your live betting scores, you must always keep a clear head. You must always stay within your budget and not go overboard while setting stakes for the game.

Strategies for Live Betting

While live betting is fun, you must remember some live betting strategies to make consistent wins while placing bets. The three prime live betting tips that you must follow are:

Do Your Research

Trusting your instincts is essential, but it will most likely not stand the test of time, so you must have a well-planned strategy if you are constantly betting. You need to make an effort to look at past games, observe trends, develop hints, and always study hard to choose your pick. Go through live betting tipsters’ opinions and forecasts, and always keep yourself updated with your game’s knowledge. 

Plan Your Betting Expenses

Like any other form of gambling, you should only indulge in sports betting live with as much money as you can afford to lose. Do not go overboard with your betting budget; keep aside about 2-5% of your earnings that you can use for placing wagers. 

Most importantly, do not make bigger bets to win back greater amounts when making consistent losses. More often than not, you will end up facing further losses.

Shop for Line Bets

Before proceeding with your gambling journey, compare bookmakers’ live betting line bet values. Some sportsbooks give you better deals than others. For this, you need to register at multiple sportsbooks to collect data from all places and finally make a cost-benefit analysis to decide the online casino site you will use to place your bets.

Additional Tips for In-Play Betting

In reality, live sports betting provides gamblers with more potential winning chances than pre-match betting. Also, betting sports live is quite simple since all you need to do is follow the event fixtures and watch the game instead of hoping for results. Keeping a clear head and making rational decisions by following rules will increase your chances of winning massively. However, remember to get much experience in this genre before you stake large amounts. Seasoned players fare better during in-play betting, so you must practice responsible gambling and place cautious bets.

Final Word

Although all forms of gambling have certain risks, the downsides of in-play betting are relatively larger. So you must consider the actual gameplay, trust your instincts, and make logical derivations on the game, while also keeping an eye for past trends and stats. If you follow these steps wisely, you can excel at live betting. 

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How’s live betting fundamentally different from pre-match betting?

Live betting requires you to make decisions not depending on vague assumptions; instead, you assess real-time situations and make specific calls that you can continuously modify during gameplay. 

Which are the best sports for In-play betting?

Though online bookmakers offer live betting on all forms of sports, the most common live betting games are:

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Hockey. 

What are the main championships that bettors bet on?

Bettors are hooked on various events and championships that provide ample betting opportunities. However, the most famous ones are the NBA, NFL, La Liga and the Premier League.

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