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Top Upcoming Football Events in October 2023

Top Upcoming Football Events in October 2023

Football is, by any means, the most popular sport in the world. Millions of fans across all continents watch live football events on TV or online. Hundreds of thousands gather at stadiums around the globe to watch football games of any format, from World Cup and Euro to national and even local tournaments. 

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Football devotees on club and national team levels become experts in this beautiful game and often look at fixtures for online betting options. They know much more than big football names like Real Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester United or Bayern

This is how upcoming football events could be a lifetime entertainment. On the other hand, sports betting venues not just make money out of odds and predictions but launch massive charity projects, especially in African countries where it matters most. This is how they contribute to society, injecting cash into social events. 

This review will introduce you to upcoming international football tournaments in October 2023. Moreover, one can learn what other upcoming sports events are available this month. So study carefully international football fixtures, including Premier League fixtures, plus other options. Check out the odds for the chosen fixtures, make your predictions, and place your bets. Have a great football betting in October, week by week!

Major Football Fixtures Upcoming in October 2023

Before we get to the upcoming football events in October, let’s check out what already happened worldwide. 

UEFA Champions League 

Results of the latest matches in football

Without a doubt, the Champions League is the biggest club tournament in the world. As the best international footballers play in Europe, the Champions League is a much bigger event than just a continental affair. Let’s check out the brightest moments of the first October weekend, Matchday 2, October 3-4.

Manchester United – Galatasaray, 2:3

Match Prediction

The English club needs to be in better form under Erik van Tag; this loss at Old Trafford was somewhat unexpected. Rasmus Hojlund’s scored twice, but it wasn’t enough for United to prevail. Having lost in the first leg to Bayern, the Red Devils must show class if they plan to break into the play-off stage. 

RB Leipzig – Manchester City, 1:3

Match Prediction

The reigning European Champions had no significant opposition in Leipzig, though the German side was trying their best to compete. Phil Foden, Julian Alvarez, and Jeremy Doku gave Champions League holders a deserved away win in Germany. Pep Guardiola’s side seems as strong as ever to go after another European title, as the score reflects how strong the Citizens are. 

Newcastle United – Paris Saint-Germain, 4:1

Match Prediction

The club from Newcastle is on the rise in the Premier League now, but even the most adventurous football experts wouldn’t make such a bold prediction as the French side were annihilated at St. James’ Park. Remember that Group F is often called the current Champions League’s‘ group of death.’ As Borussia Dortmund and AC Milan ended up in a goalless draw, Newcastle United now sensationally tops the group with four points, probably breaking down the predictions of many bettors around the world.

UEFA Europa League

The tournament is the second most important football club event after the European Champions League. In 2023, several top European clubs, such as Liverpool FC, Ajax, and Roma, are participating in the tournament. 

Liverpool – Union Saint-Gilloise, 2:0

Match Prediction

In the UEFA Europa League Group F, the Reds cashed in a comfortable win over the Belgian league leaders. Some may argue that Liverpool didn’t demonstrate their best performance at Anfield. Still, it was enough for their second win in the Europa League. 

Roma – Servette, 4:0

Match Prediction

The Italian side trashed Servette at Olimpico Stadium. The impressive performance of the whole squad brought such an easy win, with Lukaku, Pellegrini, and Belotti (twice) scoring. By the middle of the second half, the game was over. 

Major League of Soccer

The MLS is developing rapidly, attracting the brightest world stars who would like to continue their careers in the United States, such as David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, or Lionel Messi. At the same time, the MLS managers work hard on young blood, making a mix of old and fresh to go up to the next level in football

Chicago Fire – Inter Miami CF, 4:1

Inter Miami CF, David Beckham’s project, is an exciting example, with Messi’s on its side and a few home-grown players. However, this time, the Argentine star wasn’t on the pitch or even on the bench. It was probably the main reason for Inter’s big loss to Chicago. 

Rating of the Most Striking Events of October 2023 

Upcoming matches to see this month

October is a month with various exciting upcoming football events, such as FIFA World Cup qualifiers, UEFA Euro qualifiers, the Champions League group stage games, and the Europa League group stage matches, not even mentioning national European and non-European championships. 

Moreover, October is abundant in other upcoming sports events on a big scale around the world. Let’s also look at what upcoming predictions could be made on 2023 World Cup Rugby encounters in France and the ICC World Cup of Cricket ODI games in India. 

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Though the FIFA World Cup in North America is still too far, the first qualification matches have already occurred. We will briefly spotlight the already-happened games in this review and the upcoming World Cup qualifying.  

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

In October, several upcoming football matches will happen when it comes to the World Cup qualifiers. Only the CONMEBOL nations (South America) have started to play their World Cup qualification matches. However, in October, the CAF region (Asia) is joining South America regarding the qualifying World Cup tournaments. We’ll get a closer look at the World Cup qualifiers in the specially dedicated section of the review. 

UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifying Matchday 7 

As Euro 2024 is around the corner next summer, national teams compete across Europe in October. UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying games Matchday 7 occur on October 12-14. Let’s check out the upcoming fixtures with outcomes that are hard to predict. 

October 12 (CET time zone everywhere):

October 13:

  • Netherlands – France, 20:45 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Austria – Belgium, 20:45 — Match Prediction – in process

October 14:

  • Hungary – Serbia, 20:45 — Match Prediction – in process

UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifying Matchday 8

October 15-17 will be the Matchday 8 for Euro qualifiers. Let’s check out the most interesting upcoming fixtures

October 15 (CET time zone everywhere):

  • Wales – Croatia, 20:45 — Match Prediction – in process

October 16:

  • Belgium – Sweden, 20:45 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Greece – Netherlands, 20:45 — Match Prediction – in process

October 17:

  • England – Italy, 20:45 — Match Prediction – in process
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UEFA Champions League Matchday 3

The UEFA Champions League group-stage matches will continue throughout October. The Matchday 3 games will take place on October 24 and 25. Let’s see the upcoming football events to happen in this tournament: 

October 24 (CET time zone):

  • Galatasaray – Bayern Munich, 18:45 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Inter Milan – Red Bull Salzburg, 18:45 — Match Prediction – in process
  • FC Union Berlin – Napoli, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Benfica – Real Sociedad, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Braga – Real Madrid, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Manchester United – FC Copenhagen, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process
  • RC Lens – PSV Eindhoven, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Sevilla – Arsenal, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process

October 25 (CET time zone): 

  • Barcelona – Shakhtar Donetsk, 18:45 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Feyenoord – Lazio, 18:45 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Antwerp FC – Porto, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process
  • BSC Young Boys Bern – Manchester City, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Celtic – Atletico Madrid, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Newcastle United – Borussia Dortmund, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Paris Saint-Germain – AC Milan, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process
  • RB Leipzig – Crvena Zvezda, 21:00 — Match Prediction – in process

2023 World Cup Rugby in France 2

Rugby is an exceptionally popular sport in the world. In England, for instance, it is clearly #2 after football. Currently, the 2023 World Cup Rugby is underway. You can bet on upcoming fixtures as the tournament lasts until October 28. The strongest teams, traditionally, are New Zealand (aka All Blacks), France, England, and Scotland

2023 ICC World Cup of Cricket ODI in India 

Cricket, in all its variations, is another trendy sport. However, it is mostly limited by British Commonwealth countries. Currently, the ICC World Cup of Cricket ODI (one day) is happening in India. It began on October 5 and will continue throughout the month, finishing in November. You can bet on the upcoming fixtures at 22Bet, considering that the strongest cricket teams currently are England, Australia, and hosts India. 

Most Interesting Upcoming Football Matches

Upcoming matches in the EPL and La Liga

There are several very competitive national football championships that millions of people around the globe watch and bet. Let’s get the two top football leagues in the world, the EPL and La Liga, and check out the most interesting fixtures for October: 

English Premier League 

Let’s see what upcoming EPL matches can bring the most unpredictable results in October in England (UTC+1 time zone): 

October 21:

  • Liverpool – Everton, 12:30 — Match Prediction – in process

October 29:

  • Manchester United – Manchester City, 15:30 — Match Prediction – in process

La Liga

In most football experts’ opinions, the Spanish league is the second best after the EPL. Let’s check out the most interesting La Liga upcoming fixtures in October (UTC+1 time zone): 

October 28:

  • Barcelona – Real Madrid, 15:15 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Athletic Bilbao – Valencia, 17:30 — Match Prediction – in process

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

Next round of qualifiers for FIFA World Cup 

The World Cup qualification round has already begun. However, the World Cup schedule is at a very early stage. In 2023, only South American and Asian nations will be participating in the World Cup qualification process. Let’s start with South America, a region that will likely bring to the World Cup two clear favorites, Argentina and Brazil. 

South America World Cup Qualifications 

As of the beginning of October 2023, only the CONMEBOL (South America) region has been involved in the World Cup qualification. There were two rounds already, with Argentina and Brazil showing 100 percent results, so these teams currently top the table, having scored six points each.  

On September 9, Brazil trashed Bolivia 5:1, showing a solid performance. Several days later, on September 13, the Brazilian team earned an away win in Pero, 1:0. The reigning world champions, Argentina, also had two wins in the tournament. First, they beat Ecuador, 1:0, on home soil. Then, it was Bolivia again suffering, 0:3, at the hands of the Argentine squad. 

The upcoming fixtures for the region for October look like this:

October 12 Matchday 3 World Cup qualifiers

  • Colombia – Uruguay, 15-30, UTC-5 — Match Prediction 
  • Bolivia – Ecuador, 19-00, UTC-4 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Argentina – Paraguay, 21-00, UTC-3 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Chile – Peru, 21-00, UTC-3 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Brazil – Venezuela, 20-30, UTC-4 — Match Prediction – in process

October 17 Matchday 4 World Cup qualifiers: 

  • Venezuela – Chile, 17-00, UTC-4 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Paraguay – Bolivia, 19-30, UTC-3 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Ecuador – Colombia, 18-30, UTC-5 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Uruguay – Brazil, 21-00, UTC-3 — Match Prediction – in process
  • Peru – Argentina, 21-00, UTC-5 — Match Prediction – in process

Asia World Cup Qualifications 

The AFC region is about to begin its World Cup qualifiers. The pairing games will start on October 12, the first leg, and October 17, the second leg. Let’s check out the upcoming World Cup fixtures for October: 

  • Afghanistan – Mongolia (October 12 and 17). 
  • Maldives – Bangladesh (October 12 and 17).
  • Singapore – Guam (October 12 and 17). 
  • Yemen – Sri Lanka (October 12 and 17). 
  • Myanmar – Macau (October 12 and 17). 
  • Cambodia – Pakistan (October 12 and 17). 
  • Chinese Taipei – Timor-Leste (October 12 and 17). 
  • Indonesia – Brunei (October 12 and 17). 
  • Hong Kong – Bhutan (October 12 and 17). 
  • Nepal – Laos (October 12 and 17). 

Please check out the local time for these upcoming football fixtures


The great sports events are something that is tantalizingly attractive to so many people in the world. While evaluating odds and making predictions in online betting, punters are recruiting themselves into the world of football and other sports, getting more and more interested. 

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This is a very positive side of online sports betting. You never know what will happen tomorrow in the next game. Still, one can get the best out of self in pursuit of a win.

Check out the most significant upcoming football events and upcoming sports events in general, and get the job done!


What are the biggest sporting events in the world?

The biggest sporting events in the world are the ones that attract the attention of millions of people around the globe, such as the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro or Olympic Games. The Champions League Final is a single football game that can rightfully be called one of the most significant sports events in the world.  

What is a sports event? 

A sports event is an athletic game or contest involving two or more competitors. Sports events can be individual, such as tennis, badminton, MMA or boxing, and team events. In this case, squads are facing each other in sports like football, basketball, cricket or rugby.   

What are the biggest sports events in October 2023?

Several significant sports events are happening in October 2023. These non-football events are the Rugby World Cup in France, from September 8 to October 28, and the ICC World Cup in cricket ODI. It started on October 5 and will continue till November 19. 

The football events are FIFA World Cup qualification rounds in South Africa and Asia.  Another significant football event in October is UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying games on October 12/14 Matchday 7, and on October 15-17 Matchday 8. 

What is the major football event in October 2023?

Most experts believe the most significant football event in October 2023 is the World Cup qualifying games in South America and Asia.  

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