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Anthology Of Kylian Mbappé’s Ballet With Real Madrid

Anthology Of Kylian Mbappé’s Ballet With Real Madrid

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On June 3rd., the football world was shaken to its core. At 19:28, the bell rang unexpectedly. No, the world did not end. Instead, Kylian Mbappé signed for Real Madrid, as the club announced that the Frenchman has committed to a five-year contract. 

While the news sent shockwaves globally, it didn’t take anyone by surprise. After seven years – since Real Madrid president Florentino Perez first approached Mbappé – the highly anticipated transfer is finally a done deal.

The saga of Mbappé’s renewals with Paris Saint-Germain and the prolonged negotiations have come to an end. Madrid’s webpage temporarily crashed due to an overwhelming surge of traffic from football fans eager to read the news. It has been a long time since football witnessed a transfer of this magnitude. 

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Mbappé’s Curious Recent History

A few years ago, Real Madrid was eager to have Kylian Mbappé join their ranks, desperately courting him to come aboard. Now, in 2024, the tables have turned, and it appears that it was Mbappé who sought out Real Madrid.

The Frenchman joins a team brimming with stars – Vinicius Jr, Jude Bellingham, Eduardo Camavinga, Toni Rüdiger and Thibaut Courtois, to name a few. Additionally, young talents like Arda Güler and Endrick are on the verge of making a name for themselves. 

This is in stark contrast with Paris Saint-Germain’s environment, where Mbappé was surrounded by older players like Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. and where the team often lacked structure. At Real Madrid, the situation is the complete opposite. 

Despite Vinicius Jr. and Jude Bellingham emerging as the new stars of the White Shirt, Mbappé will undoubtedly find his place in this well-organized team.

For The People That Doubt His Role

Anyone who has scrolled through Madridista groups online in recent years will have seen the debates about where Mbappé would fit into the team.

Until now, he has mostly played on the left wing, although he occasionally plays centrally. However, that spot is currently occupied. In recent years, Vinicius Jr has made this position his own. Nobody will dethrone him, not even Mbappé.

This should not pose a problem for Real Madrid or Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian manager has previously handled an abundance of talent during his career at AC Milan and will undoubtedly find a solution.

It is worth noting that Vinicius Jr is not the same player he used to be. Over the past year, the Brazilian superstar has started to roam more in central areas, often inverting into the left half-space. Mbappé will not play as a traditional left-winger. 

Instead, he is likely to switch zones depending on the situation. One of the main characteristics of Carlo Ancelotti’s Real Madrid is that players figure out where they should play – this approach should be similar in Mbappé’s case.

Consequences Of His Arrival

Mbappé’s galáctico arrival is likely to spark something of an exodus at the Bernabéu. The first high-profile victim appears to be Rodrygo. The Brazilian has not been as decisive as he has been in previous seasons, and his stats cannot keep up with Mbappé’s. 

That’s by no means an indictment on Rodrygo’s quality – but with Mbappé aboard, there simply won’t be enough minutes to go around.

Brahim Diaz is another player who will likely leave – as he remained on the bench during the Champions League final. Squads should not be too large, as it results in disharmony over playing time in the quarry.

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Madrid Expects More From Mbappé Than Goals

If previously the general opinion of Real Madrid fans showed much love for Mbappé, the situation has drastically changed in 2024. A toxic relationship, the connection between the Frenchman and the club, and his renewal with Paris Saint-Germain felt like a stab in the back for many fans. 

There is no doubt that Mbappé will score goals. However, the French star will have to do more. Scoring goals will not be enough, the standards are higher for him.

Mbappé becomes the de facto leader by status once he steps into the dressing room. This implies acting as a leader – this is the work behind the scenes most fans never consider. In a world full of superstars, Mbappé cannot act like a spoiled child anymore. His disagreements at Paris Saint-Germain have been numerous. 

Both Thomas Tuchel and Luis Enrique had arguments with the French wonder kid in front of the cameras. Scenes of loud verbal disagreements on the sidelines were seen, something that won’t go without consequences in Spain

The Spanish scene is vastly different from France’s football landscape. The media, especially around Barcelona and Real Madrid, is a true soap opera. Shows like El Chiringuito will stalk the Frenchman, and every micro action will be analyzed till the greatest depths. 

The Missing Piece

At the end of the day, this is Kylian Mbappé – an undeniable upgrade. Mbappé is the addition to the frontline the team needed. He is the lacking edge, the one that sparks all attacks that Madrid needed in the last years.

Some players, by existence, have the aura of leaders, and Mbappé is one of them. His combination of pace, strength and ball-striking is a gift that very few players have. 

He also possesses unparalleled experience, winning the 2018 World Cup with the French National Team and having a splendid performance during the 2022 Qatar World Cup. He might have never won the Champions League – but with Madrid, it would not be a stretch to see him win this title as well.

Mbappé could very well be on his way to winning his first EURO trophy, as the French are deemed favourites for the tournament. 

Mbappé, the Awkward Veteran

Ironically enough, Mbappé will be a leader by age. At the age of twenty-five, he will be considered a senior at Real Madrid. Bellingham, Vinicius and a majority of the stars are younger than him. Only Federico Valverde is also twenty-five. 

He is expected to be a leader, and despite all the doubts, it will work out. Fans often doubt the adaptability of some superstars, fearing they will lose some of their heritage during their evolution. The elite is the elite because they keep looking for better, never accepting the status quo. This is how Real Madrid moved on from Casemiro and Karim Benzema. By now, it has become clear that this was a good decision.

Similarly to Manchester City, Real Madrid keeps improving, and with Mbappé, they show a sign of ambition. Perez did not even celebrate the 15th Champions League when he declared that he was looking forward to winning the 16th. 

Real Madrid has not signed anyone like Mbappé in a long time and it can be compared to Ronaldo’s signing fifteen years ago. 

His presence will be career-defining and life-changing. The club won six Champions Leagues in ten years and shows no sign of stopping. Madrid was looking for a leader, one that unites the whole squad. Now, the club has finally found it. After seven long years of tiring transfer news between the two parties, he is here. This is destiny and a new era.

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