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Main page - News - Razer released chewing gum for gamers
Razer released chewing gum for gamers

Razer released chewing gum for gamers

Razer, a global gaming hardware manufacturing company, has unveiled a chewing gum called Respawn by 5 Gum. The manufacturer claims that the novelty improves concentration and reaction speed.

Razer emphasized that before launching the product, they have conducted a large amount of research and development examining daily modes, game schedules, and snacking preferences of casual and professional players. The main goal was to develop a product that can be consumed at any time of the day, so that the players remain collected and focused on the game tasks, but only during the game.

Respawn by 5 Gum comes in three flavors: Cool Mint, Tropical Punch, and Pomegranate Watermelon. One pack of 15 gums is $ 2.99, a pack of 10 is sold at $ 27.99.

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