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Champions League 2023-2024: Group Stage Predictions

Champions League 2023-2024: Group Stage Predictions

With the current iteration of the Champions League underway, we’ve already seen a bunch of matches being played out. Manchester had a draw against Bayern, and PSG had to put up with the toughest group, there’s no telling which teams are going to survive the round of 16. 

So, what are the group stages of the Champions League 2023-2024 going to look like? Who will go on to the next stages and who will come out on the top? We’re going to talk about all of these things in this article today. 

Favorite Teams to Advance to the Knockout Phase

As the Champions League follows a round-robin format that’s similar to most sport competition, all teams are required to play matches against each other. All of the 32 teams are divided into groups of four. Two teams will go forward to play in the next round. 

The group matchups for the Champions League 2023/2024, are really interesting this year. So, let’s take a look at the predictions to see which teams have the best chances to be the top two from each of the 8 groups. 

Group A Predictions

Group A has some schedule matches that are headline-worthy. It’s also full of famous personalities like Harry Kane, the Bayern Striker who has recently become an Internet sensation. Looking at the teams, we can say that the upcoming fixtures are going to be even more electrifying. 

In terms of the favorites, the odds are in favor of Bayern and United. However, Man Utd. should watch out for both Copenhagen and Galatasaray as it has lost against both of these teams in the past. 

But we’re particularly excited for the game between the favorites. There’s no telling who might win the match, but it will be a sight to see. 

Group B Predictions

If we look back to the last few Champions League events, you won’t find Arsenal in any of those. For the first time in six years, the club has managed to secure a spot in this tournament. To make things easier, Arsenal has been paired with some of the easier teams. 

Fans are rooting for Seville and Arsenal to be the two teams to secure the qualification for the next round. And even though Seville did finish quite low in the last La Liga points table, we must remember that it’s a team full of some of the best European players out there. 

Arsenal better watch out and be on their guard for when they finally face Seville in the Group B matches. 

Group C Predictions

Taking a look at the group, you don’t need a football expert to know which of the two teams is going to dominate. That’s why our UEFA Champions League predictions for Group C are Real Madrid and Napoli. 

With Real losing two of their best players according to the latest news, it might be a tough match against Napoli. But they are used to situations like this. 

So it’s safe to say that there’s a good chance that Real Madrid will be the winner in the match against Napoli.  

Group D Predictions

Now this is a group that has four teams of similar skills. This makes the job of making a prediction even harder as all of them are highly likely to be the top two of Group D. 

Our money for Group D is on Benfica to be the group champion. But as we said, there’s a good chance either of the three other teams can steal this spot. 

Salzburg’s recent performance also makes it a strong contender. Then there’s Real Sociedad which finished fourth in La Liga. 

Inter Milan, being the runner-up from last year would have a decent shot as well. But they lost a lot of key players, so we’re not sure how to feel about that. There’s no time to get replacement players as well, so it’s going to be hard for them. 

Group E Predictions

For this particular group, the Champions League group predictions are going to be hard. We’re confident that Atletico Madrid has the best chance of becoming the top team in this group considering their record. 

However, when we talk about the other teams, there’s no way to tell for certain. All of the teams are strong in their own rights. But if we had to put out money on one team, we’d be doing it on Lazio. Although they’re riding a rough patch right now, we believe they can recover.

Group F Predictions

This is without a doubt the hardest group for the 2023 to 2024 Champions League. With four of the strongest teams in the entire league, it’s hard to say who will secure the victory and qualify for the next round. 

But even among them, we feel that PSG can guarantee a spot for the next round because they have Kylian Mbappe. He is arguably the best player in the world right now and for good reason. 

We feel that a big battle will go down between Newcastle and Milan for the second spot. But as things stand right now, there’s no way to tell what the final results are going to look like.

Group G Predictions

This was an easy one for our prediction analysis. Between Manchester City and RB Leipzig, we don’t see any of the other teams posing a challenge. So for the Champions League group stage predictions for Group G, we’re going with Man City and Leipzig as the qualifiers for the knockout round.

Group H Predictions

Barca and its coach Xavi are going to have a fun group stage this year being matched up with Porto, Donetsk, and Antwerp. Last season, they got one of the hardest groups in the league. Porto is also the stronger of the three remaining teams. So, we’re confident to see Barca and Porto breeze through to the next round with their amazing scores.


Looking at all of the predictions for each of the groups, we can definitely expect an even better UEFA Champions League compared to last year. As for who’s going to win the whole thing, that still remains to be seen. 


When Does the Current Champions League End?

This season of the UEFA Champions League will end on the 1st of June, 2024. 

Who Won the Last Champions League?

Manchester City were the winners of the last Champions League against Inter Milan with a score of 1-0.

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