NHL Prediction: Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars on 09.09.2020

NHL Prediction: Vegas Golden Knights vs Dallas Stars on 09.09.2020

Vegas is behind in this series 0-1. Will they be able to equalize the series? Let’s find out.

Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas suffered their second goalless defeat in the playoffs. You may recall that they recently lost to Vancouver with a score of 0-4. And, in the opening match of the series, they lost to Dallas 0-1. Despite this, the team does not change its style of play and tries to act offensively, always making the rival goalkeeper work hard.

True, the Knights had four chances to use the 5×4 format; however, no matter how many scoring opportunities they created, they did not manage to score. By the way, they conceded a goal at the very beginning, and the rest of the game was played in an equal fight.

Dallas Stars

Dallas has been looking fabulous in the playoffs. Rick Bowness’s team can win with a minimal advantage and, at the same time, concede one or two goals, and in the next match, show effective hockey and score five goals.

Note that the Stars played a very disciplined defense in the previous match, and Anton Khudobin was marvelous. He managed to reflect all 25 shots and secure the first shutout in this Stanley Cup. However, it is worth mentioning that the Stars have never beaten Vegas two games in a row before, and because of this, they may have psychological difficulties.

Vegas Golden Knights – Dallas Stars Prediction

Vegas has never lost to Dallas twice in a row, so they have to catch up in the upcoming fight. Moreover, the game in the first leg was equal, and it would simply be unfair if the Stars win again. Given how many penalties the Stars are taking, the Knights must score at least three times.

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