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Main page - News - In Spite of COVID-19, Demand for Euro 2020 Tickets Far Outweighs the Supply
In Spite of COVID-19, Demand for Euro 2020 Tickets Far Outweighs the Supply

In Spite of COVID-19, Demand for Euro 2020 Tickets Far Outweighs the Supply

UPDATE: UEFA has postponed Euro 2020 to 2021. You can read the full update here.

In the event that all goes as arranged, the UEFA European Football Championship 2020 (or Euro 2020, for short) is to be the most fantastic instalment in the entire existence of the competition. In the past, the matches are facilitated in one nation; however, this year will be extraordinary. Since it is the Euro’s 60th commemoration, the former president of the UEFA Michael Platini, wanted it to be a sentimental affair. 

Along these lines, this year the matches should happen in 12 cities across 12 European nations. This indulgent change to the tournament prompted an anticipated result: the interest for tickets to the matches far exceeded the accessibility.

Now, keep in mind, the future of the Euro 2020 could entirely change as of March 17th, when the UEFA makes a decision about whether the championship should be postponed until next year. 

Regardless of the looming threat of the coronavirus, there have been record-setting amounts of ticket demands – over 28 million requests! There are just two and a half million tickets accessible, so huge numbers of fans won’t have the option to attend the event.  

When contrasting the insights of ticket requests between this year and 2016, you can see that there has been twice the quantity of prospective buyers. The greatest contrast between the two seasons was during December’s sale phase; for the 2020 tournament, there were approximately nine million ticket demands in that month! That is over three times the amount of what was requested in the same sales period prior to Euro 2016. 

The semi-finals, just like the climactic final match, will be taking place in London’s Wembley stadium – which is Europe’s biggest sports arena. Despite the fact that Wembley has a tremendous limit, the ticket demands – of which there were 714,000 – are eight times higher than what the arena can deal with.  

Another example is the Allianz Arena, which is facilitating the match between Germany and France on June sixteenth. The arena has a limit of 75,000 people, but the event has gotten 710,000 ticket demands!

Ticket Timeline

Ajax stadium in Amsterdam, where some of the EURO 2020 matches were to take place.

The primary portion of Euro 2020’s ticketing phase ran from June twelfth through July twelfth of last year. Approximately one and a half million tickets were accessible for people to purchase – this is 50% more than the number of tickets in 2016.

After the last draw (which occurred on November 30th, 2019), the second portion of ticket sales started. In December of 2019, an extra 1 million tickets were made accessible to fans of the participating sides of each match. This stage offered 20% more tickets than in 2016.

The following period of sales will start in April 2020. The European Qualifiers end of the season games will occur towards the end of March 2020, and afterwards, the remaining four teams for Euro 2020 will be determined. Fans of those teams will have access to tickets.

At the point in which the interest exceeds the stock, tickets will be appropriated with a ballot framework. Each applicant has an equivalent possibility of receiving a ticket, paying no heed to when they filled out the application (within the constraints of the due date, obviously).

The Best Methods to Buy or Resell Tickets

If you are wondering how you can purchase a ticket when the demand is so high, take a look at UEFA’s official ticketing website. There is also a mobile app in development, which will be available in May 2020. This will be an excellent way to receive last-minute tickets, without having to worry about paying exorbitant amounts of money to a scammy third-party platform. 

Outsider resellers, as well as unaffiliated ticketing websites, are prohibited from selling tickets to the Euro 2020, so it’s best to utilize the official site. Individuals who have bought a ticket that they no longer need will have the option to use UEFA’s ticketing reselling platform and offer it to a prospective buyer. 

The UEFA offers assurance for both buyers and vendors who utilize their reselling platform. Purchasers will be shielded from getting fraudulent tickets and can buy the tickets at retail value instead of a grossly inflated price. Sellers will be secured because they are guaranteed to receive their money in full. You can rest easy, knowing that you aren’t going to be scammed. 

Ticket Prices

UEFA is employing a “Fans First” strategy, which will permit fans of participating teams to get tickets at a discounted rate. 

Euro 2020 tickets are being offered in three price values – each one is dependent on what section of the stadium you would like to sit in. The participating cities are also split into two groups, depending on the cost of living and average income of the area.

Below is the information for Group B: 

And next, the information for Group B: 

Finally, we have the semi-final and final costs. These matches will be occurring in London’s Wembley Stadium. 

Other Euro 2020 Ticket FAQs

Official ball for Euro 2020, for which a lot of fans bought tickets.

How will I receive my paper tickets?

Tickets distributed before December of last year are going to be shipped to the delivery address on your application before the end of May of this year. FedEx will be delivering the tickets. The delivery cost was part of the ticket price, so you don’t have to worry about being charged with an additional fee. 

How Would I Use a Mobile Ticket?

The mobile tickets app will be accessible in May of 2020. You will get an email with guidelines illustrating how to install the app on your cell phone and download your tickets. Your phone will need to be charged, and you should have Bluetooth on so as to enter the arena.

Do Children Need to Have a Ticket?

Yes, all children should have a valid ticket – regardless of whether they will sit on your lap. UEFA is not offering free or reduced-price tickets for children. 

Can I Pick My Seats?

No, but you may have the option to pick the classification of where you might like to sit. If the event that you have requested multiple tickets, UEFA will attempt to ensure the seats are situated close to one another. 

How Will the Coronavirus Impact My Ticket?

If the UEFA decides to postpone the Euro 2020 due to the COVID-19, they will keep spectators updated with ticket specifications. The likely scenario is that you would receive a refund in the event that you are unable to attend the new date of the championship.

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