Europa League All Matches and Draws Schedule

Europa League All Matches and Draws Schedule

The secondary European competition is the Europa League and over the course of the last ten years, the competition is getting tougher for club sides to win. In total there are 213 teams that compete in the Europa League and each country enters at a stage-dependent on how the country they are from the rank in the UEFA Country Coefficient. The associations in the top 51 have three clubs qualify, while countries between 52 and 54 have two clubs entered. The countries such as Kosovo and Liechtenstein have one club qualify as they are ranked 55th in the rankings.

Along with this, there are 55 teams that end up in the Europa League 2019/20 following their elimination from the Champions League.

First Qualifying Round

  • Draw- 18th June
  • First Leg- 11th July
  • Second Leg- 18th July

The draw for the Europa League first qualifying round was made in early July and teams included in this stage are winners from domestic cup competition in associations between 26th and 51st in the Coefficients. The winners from each round progress to the next stage.

Second Qualifying Round

  • Draw- 19th July
  • First Leg- 25th July
  • Second Leg- 1st August

The winners from the previous round are joined at this stage by the 16 losers from the Champions League qualifiers and three losers from the Champions League preliminary round. The teams through the Champions League take part on the Champions Path, while the remainder are entered into a 74 team round. This is the round where team who finished sixth in the top four domestic leagues enter the competition. It is where the competition really steps up a gear.

Third Qualifying Round

  • Draw- 22nd July
  • First Leg- 8th August
  • Second Leg- 15th August

The third qualifying round includes the Champions Path of 20 teams and the main path including 52 teams. Each of the ties will be played home and away with the overall winners making it through to the playoff stage; where the ten teams on the Champions Path and the 26 teams remaining on the main path are cut down to the teams that will participate in the Europa League group stages. The draw for this final round of playoffs is made of the 5th August, with the ties played over the week of the 22nd August and the 29th August.

Group Stages

  • Draw- 30th August
  • Matchday One – 19th September
  • Matchday Two – 3rd October
  • Matchday Three – 24th October
  • Matchday Four- 7th November
  • Matchday Five- 28th November
  • Matchday Six- 12th December

The Europa League proper kicks off with the group stages where the 21 teams that have qualified through the playoff rounds joined by domestic cup winners from the associations ranked 1-12, as well as losers from the Champions League playoff round and four domestic fifth-place teams from England, Spain, Italy and Germany. Each team are drawn into a group containing four and each team plays their opponents once. The top two from each group proceed to the knockout rounds which are played after a brief break over the New Year.

Knockout Rounds

PhaseDraw MadeFirst LegSecond Leg
Round of 3216th December 201920th February 202027th February 2020
Round of 1628th February 202012th March 202019th March 2020
Quarterfinals20th March 20209th April 202016th April 2020
Semi-finals20th March 202030th April 20207th May 2020

The knockout phases of the Europa League are where the best teams come alive. The 12 group winners and 12 runners-up are joined by the eight teams that finished third in the Champions League group stages. The round of 32 round takes place first, before the round of 16, quarterfinals and then semi-finals. Each round is contested over two legs with the losing team going out of the competition, and the winners proceeding through to the next round.

This year’s final is taking place in Gdansk, Poland on the 27th May 2020, and 22BET is the only place to get the best Europa League odds throughout the competition.

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