Bayern beat Sevilla to win the UEFA Super Cup for the second time in history

Bayern beat Sevilla to win the UEFA Super Cup for the second time in history

At the UEFA Super Cup in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, Champions League title holders Bayern Munich beat Europa Cup champions Sevilla 2-1, with the decisive goal being scored in extra time for Javi Martines.

The game was special because UEFA decided to allow the filling of part of the stands, i.e. to let about 20 thousand fans into the stadium and allow fans of both teams to come to the game in the Hungarian capital. The UEFA Super Cup has become the most attended sporting event since the outbreak of the pandemic. As part of the Thank You Campaign, UEFA invited 500 healthcare professionals from Hungary to the match as a token of gratitude for their dedicated work during the pandemic.

Bayern has played for the fifth time in the UEFA Super Cup and has won the trophy for the second time in its history. Sevilla took part in the match for the trophy for the sixth time with one victory on their account. Last season, Bayern won the Champions League for the sixth time in history while Sevilla won their sixth Europa League title, which is a record for the tournament.

Bayern was considered the favourite of this match. We could also expect a good game from Sevilla, which the Spanish team has demonstrated more than once in such decisive battles.

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The rivals began the meeting carefully and were in no hurry to force events on the field. And the first dangerous situation at the goal of Bayern in the 11th minute led to a penalty. It was Alaba who broke the rules against Rakitic in his own penalty area, and the Englishman Anthony Taylor, the referee of the match, pointed to the penalty spot. After consulting with the VAR, the judge did not change his opinion. Ocampos shot confidently, and Sevilla took the lead a little unexpectedly.

Even after a conceded goal, the Munich footballers did not immediately rush forward but gradually escalated tension at the Sevilla’s goal. The first crucial moment arose in the 22nd minute when Müller failed to close the pass from the right and shot wide of the target from the line of the goalkeeper’s area. Four minutes later, Pavard shot from a good position near the post. And in the 34th minute, after a three-move, in which Müller, Lewandowski and Goretzka participated, the match’s balance was restored (1-1).

At the beginning of the second half, Frankie de Jong ran to Bayern’s goal but failed to outplay Neuer. The Spaniards immediately completed three corners in a row but did not achieve anything with that. And then there were two uncounted goals against Sevilla. In the first case, in the 51st minute, an offside position was recorded to Lewandowski. And then in the 63rd minute, the referee saw a violation of the rules in the attack by the same Lewandowski.

At the end of the second half, the super chance to bring victory to Sevilla was not used by En Nesyri, who ran one on one with Neuer, but the goalkeeper parried the ball for a corner.

The teams had to play longer, and in the 93rd minute again, En Nesyri did not use an excellent moment – after his hit, the ball hit Neuer and then the post. And the end of the match came in the 104th minute, when, after a corner kick, Javi Martinez brought Bayern a victory.

The UEFA Super Cup has been held since 1972. The trophy is played in a one-match confrontation between the Champions League and the Europa League winners. 

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